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Prof.Dr. D. Swaminadhan

Dr. D. Swaminadhan Research Foundation (DSRF), Hyderabad, India PLANET Research Foundation (PRF), Hyderabad, India India Watch Group (INWAG), Secunderabad, India


Prof.Dr. D. Swaminadhan

Global Chair, WIF

Prof. SAR PV Chaturvedi

Global Co-Chair


In the initial stages Jawaharlal Nehru Institute for Advanced Studies (JNIAS) established by Dr.D.Swaminadhan Research Foundation (DSRF), Hyderabad shall serve as the Secretariat of WIF.

Education Background


The Earth's population currently exceeds 7 billion people and continues to grow. Simultaneously with the growth of the population, the problems also are growing. People around the world is divided by many features such as racial, gender, social, religious, national, etc., which often lead to serious interpersonal and intergroup conflicts. The contemporary national and international scenarios in socio-economic, political, ethnic and cultural domains are throwing up many issues, problems and challenges relating to development, environment, human rights, human security, communal harmony, peaceful co-existence among nations and world peace and security. The total number of ready-to-use nuclear warheads currently is About us 20 thousand, but only a few of them are enough to make mankind forever cease to exist. Peace, Disarmament and Development in a way are interconnected.

These issues and problems are to be clearly identified and solutions are to be found. In this context independent and unbiased thinking with a free mind in identifying, analysing and suggesting solutions would go a long way.


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