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The WIF has got his own Constitution which includes Scheme, Rules & Regulations and Bye-Laws.


The Operational Modalities of WIF are as follows:

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru Institute for Advanced Studies (JNIAS) and Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust (SRMT) will play the leadership role and Co-ordinate the activities of WIF.
(b) Initially a 'Nucleus' of WIF will be formed with the Invited Members.
(c) Members forming the “Nucleus” will be the Founder Members of WIF.
(d) New Membership will be through nomination and invitation.
(e) The U N and other International and National Organisations and Individuals could be the Donors.
(f) All the Members of WIF will enjoy equal status in all respects.
(g) Even though Dr. D. Swaminadhan Research Foundation (DSRF) and Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust (SRMT) took the initiative to establish the WIF the right to dissolve it rests with the General Council when need arises.
(h) Any Member is free to disassociate from the WIF, if he/she so desires, with one- month notice and approval by the Executive Board. 
(i)(a)WIF cannot be held responsible in any way for the actions, of the Members, Organizations and institutions associated with WIF, in their individual capacity and for resultant consequences. 
(b) Similarly no Executive Board Member of WIF shall be personally liable for any loss or damage arising from the administration or application of the funds and properties of the World Intellectual Forum (WIF) unless such loss or damage is caused through the willful default or breach of trust or culpable negligence by the Executive Board or its Members

(i) There will be a General Council comprising of all the Members of WIF. 
(ii) The Chair: Prof. Dr. D. Swaminadhan, President, JNIAS, Hyderabad, India will be the Chair 
(iii) The Co-Chair: Prof. SAR PV Chaturvedi, Founder Chairman and Managing Trustee, SRMT, Chennai, India will be the Co-Chair.
(iv) Term of Office: Both the above Chair and Co-Chair hold their positions for life.
(v) The General Council will meet once in a year to provide general policy guidelines and approve annual reports and annual accounts.
III. Executive Board
(i) An Executive Board will be constituted by the General Council to formulate and steer the Programmes / Activities of WIF and to oversee their implementation and monitoring.
(ii) The Nucleus of WIF will form the first Executive Board.
(iii)The Term of the Executive Board will be for a period of 5 years. 
(iv) The total number of Executive Board Members may not exceed twenty five at any given point of time, excluding the Chair and Co-Chair. However the number could be increased when there is a need with the approval of the General Council.
(v) The Chairman and the Co-Chairman of General Council will also be the Chairman and the Co-Chairman of the Executive Board.
(vi) The Registrar of JNIAS will be the Secretary-General of the World Intellectual Forum (WIF).
The First Executive Board with the Founder Members is shown in Annexure I. The Organisational Structure of WIF shown in Annexure – II


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